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Tennis Courts Melbourne Includes a Complete Cleaning and Maintenance Process

Identifying areas that need tennis court maintenance is important to ensure your tennis courts remain in top condition. Before the initial maintenance, you can check the type of surface, the additional coatings, and wear patterns to determine whether any of these areas need to be improved. For example, the ridges between service boxes can be caused by players kneeling over them while playing. The ridges can be fixed if necessary. Alternatively, one quadrant of a tennis court may have an increased wear rate due to being the landing zone of serve balls. These wear patterns can be adjusted by levelling one quadrant.

Sportzing preventative maintenance process

If you’re looking to keep your tennis courts in pristine condition, you should consider a preventative maintenance program. Champion Grass proactive process for tennis courts Melbourne includes a complete cleaning and maintenance process for your turf. It’s both professional and affordable, and can be tailored to your specific needs. And because Champion Grass uses only environmentally friendly products, your courts will be in pristine condition for years to come.

Triple primary support system

In addition to being highly functional, tennis and basketball courts are often attractive in design. Many landscape architects spend considerable time designing and planning such facilities. Landscaping around tennis and basketball courts offers many benefits, including minimizing dirt and dust from blowing onto the court and sweeping walks leading into the court to prevent tripping over debris. Moreover, the application of insect and weed killer can damage the surfacing of the court.

Infill compaction

Infill compaction is an important part of maintaining a tennis court. It helps keep the court firm and prevents loose top dressing material from building up. It should be done regularly and daily, especially in freeze-thaw climates. You can also repeat the rolling process several times to achieve the desired playing conditions. It is best to roll the court early in the morning. In addition to rolling, other maintenance methods are available.

Resurfacing a worn tennis court

Resurfacing a worn tennis court is a common way to improve the overall condition of a tennis court. It can be an easy or a complicated process, depending on the type of surface used and the amount of care taken when it was first installed. It can also be necessary for a tennis court to undergo extensive cracking. Below are some tips to help you resurface a worn tennis court. After reading this article, you should be able to decide which option would be the most suitable for your tennis court.

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