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Why Chimney Repair Is Necessary

Chimneys are an often-overlooked part of the roof. But as time goes by, they too can deteriorate, resulting in leaks. Whether they’re bricked or slate, masonry chimneys can become prone to water damage. Over time, it can cause blockages in the chimney flue, loose bricks, and even mould or mildew. Not only are these problems unpleasant for homeowners, but they can also affect the health of people living in the house.

Regular cleaning is necessary for safety and health reasons. Routine sweeping prevents accumulation of dirt and creosote that can lead to dangerous smoke and uncontrolled fire. Regular cleaning prevents liquid from damaging the liner, which can also lead to discoloration of the walls and a foul odor inside the house. Chimney cleaning can also stop smoke from entering the home. If your chimney is dirty, you should call a professional service to have it cleaned.

In addition to cleaning your chimney, Advanced Chimney Cleaning also replaces damaged or missing fireplace screens. Fireplace screens are designed to catch flying sparks that can damage the flooring or even injure people who are near the fireplace. However, the mesh screens can deteriorate over time and become stuck in the track. Getting a replacement hearth screen is a simple solution to the problem. Advanced Chimney Cleaning has a wide selection of screens to suit every aesthetic and safety needs of your fireplace.

Chimney repairs Melbourne experts are familiar with roof-related issues. They can use scaffolds and guardrails to ensure safety, which is essential when working on high-rise chimneys. The type of roof, pitch, and location of the chimney will determine the type of chimney repairs that will be most effective. And chimney repair Melbourne professionals can recommend a solution to solve a particular leakage. If you suspect chimney damage, contact a Tuckpointing Restoration Melbourne today.

While chimneys are beautiful features of your home, they can also be a source of water infiltration. This is why it is so important to have regular inspections done on your chimney. Inspecting your chimney annually is the best way to detect problems before they cause significant damage to your home. If you do find that there is a leak, it’s a good idea to get it repaired immediately before it turns into a dangerous chimney fire.

If you have a damaged chimney, you may need a total rebuild. This involves replacing the entire chimney, including the crown and outside brick. A complete rebuild is necessary if the damage is extensive. In these cases, chimney repair Melbourne specialists use scaffolding to protect your home from any potential hazards. However, if the damage is small, a partial rebuild is recommended. The latter is best for small chimneys because it only replaces the top portion of the chimney.

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